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just a little….

a little mad at you

A little illustration I did a while back. Because sometimes you just get a tiny bit mad.

round up of artist studios

SO I’m in the process of re-organizing/establishing an area in my home dedicated to arts and crafts. We’ve made some process, dividing our workspaces with an Ikea Expedit unit, allowing Steve to have some space for his music making. But I’m always on the lookout for some inspiration and organizational tips. Here are some studio tours that I like. (I think there will be a part 2. or 3. )

Illustrator Allison Cole‘s studio, via Design*Sponge. (I like how sparse the area is above her desk, with what looks like cool little toys)

The fabulous Lisa Congdon‘s mission studio tour, on Design*Sponge

Shay Ometz printmaking studio tour, via Design*Sponge (check out her etsy shop, Bee Things for some awesome prints)

Kate Bingaman-Burt
‘s house tour, via Design*Sponge. (Note, this is probably my default style — lots and lots of stuff crammed together. I’m trying to strive for a more sparse look. I will probably fail. I am trying to be ok with that)

Brian Petro’s studio tour, at Apartment Therapy

food as art (or, "can I EAT that?)

apple by Kevin Van Aelst.

I’ve had food and art on my mind lately which isn’t too surprising, given they are my main two interests in life and I’ve been doing my butchery diagram daily drawing project (ahem, MEAT SECTIONS…. um, check it out.) for about a month now.

Steve directed me to this very cool post from that had art made FROM food, instead of the drawings OF food, like I’ve been doing.

So. Cool.

SUPER cool Mario mushroom from a radish, complete with instructions here.

Green onion praying mantis.

Raw meat sports car. Raaaaaw.

These pears are grown into the shape of a Buddha, using a mold. Pretty awesome.

Illustration Friday – CLUMSY

original 5×5, watercolor and ink on 90lb watercolor paper

Illustration for this week, topic of clumsy.

I’ll admit that I have posted this painting before on my blog, but it just seemed so appropriate that I had to share for this week’s IF.

Original post here, but reproduced below.

I’m a recovering klutz.

Growing up, I seemed to spill everything. all the time. I also had an uncanny knack for whacking the shit out of my elbows on door frames, you know, just walking around the house. I’m going to go ahead and blame that on what must be exceptionally narrow door frames in my childhood home in Texas, since I haven’t done it my apartment here in SF.

But the spilling….yeah, that still happens. I used to get really upset when I spilled things, like it was proof of something wrong with me. ( I think I was really hard on myself growing up). Now, I don’t care. Which is much better. At least for my psyche….not for the carpet (which, now that I’m thinking about it, has a new largish coffee stain, courtesy of yours truly from last weekend.)

At least steve has become an absolute pro at spill alleviation and stain removal. He can add that to the old resume.

Update: Since this originally was posted, I have spilled wine at least twice. In the last month. I may not be so “recovering” after all.

No seriously, you go on ahead.

you go on ahead - stamped
as usual, click to enlarge

Wow…been awhile. I’ve been keeping busy with my daily drawing project, which you can check out at my MEAT SECTIONS blog.

Having a daily art project has been pretty enjoyable, and I’m getting a lot of good feedback on flickr, especially via the Make Something Cool Every Day group (which is such an awesome source of talent and inspiration). And that’s nice. It makes me feel like less of a fuck up.

This here piece is the most recent non-meat sections related artsy thing. I was inspired by this tutorial on Poppytalk, which was in turn inspired by this great piece on Mustard and Sage.

Let me tell you – this was a pain in the ass. Enjoyable, in a “I’m-in-a-stamping-trance-for-several-hours-and-watched-season-5-of-Grey’s-Anatomy” but kind of tedious. And I felt like a crazy person. Buuuuut, the end result is nice. I’d like to make a larger one, but would probably use stencils instead of stamps like I did here.

If anyone is wondering, the finished piece is about 12 by 9 inches, on canvas paper. I used gouache and a small letter stamp set for the printing. Oh, and the lyrics are from Sunset Rubdown’s “You Go On Ahead” from last year’s Dragonslayer album.

"his moustache wanted more out of life"

4×6″, watercolor and ink on watercolor paper.
Part 47C of the “everything is the worst series”

Other contenders for the title of this bad boy included:

  • “The moustache* grew too big for its britches”
  • “Combover moustache – the next hipster frontier”
  • “This was getting out of hand”


  • “The moustache decided it was time to exact its revenge”

*I know that spell checker believes this to be a misspelling (favoring “mustache”) I think the addition of the “o” provides a tiny bit of class, no?


I’ve had this open in a browser tab for a few days now. I laugh every time I see it.

From Buzzfeed.

oh sanctuary

original 3.5 x 5.5″ watercolor and pen on drawing paper

In ode to one of my favorite bands, and winner of my prestigious Best Album of 2009 award with Dragonslayer, Sunset Rubdown. Although some days I think I might like Swan Lake’s version of “Paper Lace” a liiiiiiitle bit more.

original ink drawing 6×6″ on the back of a fancy calendar page.

You can listen to the Dragonslayer album right here.

Live Now

How did I manage to miss seeing about this project? Especially when a few artists whose blogs I follow are part of it? Sometimes things get lost in the bloglines ether, I suppose.

At any rate, check this out. Live Now is a collection of images of life-affirming positive messages that manage not to be “hang-in-there kitty” saccarine. Created by Eric Smith over at I Draw All Day after being diagnosed with cancer. Amazing project.*

*Though I do wish that the artists were credited on each page, so viewers could seek out the rest of their work if so inclined…

glimpses of holiday merriment and presents

L to R, top to bottom: row 1: frisee salad for xmas #1 at home, showing off the 4505 Meats poster, Denver airport with snow, BOOM Xmas wrapping paper. Row 2: Marc Johns print for steve, dungeness crab and cardoon appetizer at Commis, portugese sugar bowl and fancy christmas tea from my mom. Row 3: paper mache daruma I made for steve, super swank chocolate from NOKA, homemade salted caramel and coconut macarons, made with friend Sara, presents under the tree, Steve suspiciously eyeing the piment d’espelette present. Row 4: gift wrapping, made with thai masking tape, more hand-drawn(NOT foot-drawn) wrapping paper, slow poached egg, onion, and malt amuse at Commis, decoration at mom’s house, McSweeney’s Panorama, friends Pete and Kimra at Commis, and our Xmas #1 feast, featuring smuggled jambon iberico.

Reluctantly back from over two weeks of celebrating both here (xmas #1) and in Dallas with my family (xmas #2). And xmas #3 is this weekend with Steve’s fam a little further south. Lots of relaxing, crafting, eating, cooking, and times spent with friends and family.

Seriously great presents this year! I always feel like I’m probably difficult to shop for, because I rarely want more stuff (part of years of constant moving in my adult life, mostly to small apartment) and can be kind of picky. But my gentleman friend, my parents, and friends did a great job.

Highlights included a super cool chicharrones poster from 4505 meats*, this beautiful necklace from etsy seller Lauren Haupt (Local Library on etsy), McSweeney’s Panorama**, simple office supplies from Muji, and 5 bottles of Texas Pete’s hot sauce.

I have never had this in Texas, despite growing up there. First time was two years ago while on a government training base in Georgia. It has great flavor, not much heat, and damn it goes well with greens.I was clearly, very excited about this one:

My parents also came through mainly with Ad Hoc at Home and a new, and much need ipod. Not only was my mom able to get the Ad Hoc book before it sold out, she stood in line for HOURS to get it SIGNED by Thomas Keller! Great mom, right?

Until now, I’ve been proudly rocking a 3G ipod. As in 3rd generation. As in 10 gigs of 2003-era awesomeness. It has served me proudly and well, but the last few months, it has been frequently losing its charge, so much so that sometimes it dies in the middle of a gym session. Which means I HAD to stop biking. So, welcome to my shiny, skinny, new 32 gig iPod.

You are beautiful, and useful, but you lack personality like my old boy. See:

I’m excited about the new year — lots of personal milestones for me and my family members to come. I’ll be posting some goals soon.

So far, my new daily drawing project – MEAT SECTIONS – has been keeping me busy. I think I’ll give a formal introduction in the next few days. In the meantime, check it out.

*though I can’t see the supposed lard thumbprint of Ryan Farr. Boo, I guess. The concept was kinda weird though, right? Seems like it would eat through the poster.

**Which, as it turns out, was actually purchased by our friend Pete, who graciously relinquished it to Steve so he could deliver it to me on xmas. Pete’s copy is on its way this month.Thanks Pete!