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vintage color charts

Love these gorgeous vintage color charts!

Via Poppy and Leo and Everything Was Beautiful

the green stuff

As I’m still nursing a 3-week-old cold, I’ll be celebrating St. Patrick’s day with this matcha green tea smoothie, instead of thick foamy Guinness. ah well.

It’s an extremely gorgeous day here, sunny and over 70 degrees. This is all too rare in this city, and it seems like folks are taking advantage. I ate lunch in the Botanical Gardens in Golden Gate Park and it was pretty packed… as packed as a sprawling garden area can be, I suppose. Many of the succulents have started blooming too. I really regretted not bringing my camera.

I also stumbled into this amazing library of horticulture there. It was amazing, with all the books focused on plant life, including gardening, rare fruits of Bali, and about 10 “how to watercolor plants” books. It was pretty amazing, and I had no idea it was there! There will definitely be a return visit. For you locals, they are having a used book sale March 26-28.

new print

new print in the old shop here.

He’s just so sad. I wonder why the mustache left him?

Milkshake art

Ok, after seeing this little gem from Oakland’s Trueburger, I’m on the hunt for an old-school letter board to make my own lyric art. And I need to check out Trueburger. It’s getting good press and supposedly took inspiration from NY’s famed Shake Shack.

Super clever! Now off to scour ebay and etsy…. and get that damn song out of my head.

(Found on SFoodie.)

a little mountain sketch

I’m going through all my sketch books and scanning them, and came across this one. I think I drew this after watching Where the Wild Things Are (remember the scene of one of the wild things’ model town?)

weekend plans

Heya! Thanks for all the kind comment on the Blogging It Forward post. Such an interesting project.

It’s been a slow week, as I’ve been fighting off a cold. Today I woke up at 12:30, after taking a junior strength benadryll to ensure some rest. these things must seriously knock out children.

Anywho…. there are tons of fun things going on this weekend. As for now, I’m going to try to stay dry from this freakish weather here in SF (which included a HAIL storm!).

Tonight is the first event promoting the sure to be amazing book from Marcia, The Tablehopper’s Guide to Eating and Drinking in SF, complete with gobs from Gobba Gobba Hey and the Chai cart. She consistently has the best and newest insight on bay area dining.

And this weekend is the opening of Giant Robot’s video game show, featuring art from some of my favs, Marc Johns, Lawrence Yang, and Ferris Plock.

There’s another art show I’m looking forward to checking out at Park Life, Bro Palace.

Aaaand, it is, sadly, the final evening of service at an underground sushi restaurant. (no link, because it’s, uh, secret). I’ll be there on Sunday.

Have a happy weekend!

Blogging it Forward


hello new people!

I’m psyched, like everyone else, to be participating in this Blog It Forward Mashup. (Um, Victoria, this is awesome.) Victoria, AKA sfgirlbybay brainstormed this idea with a couple of other creative types over Twitter, and asked for participants. Thanks for including me and spending the ridiculous amount of time coding everyone’s info. Thanks also to Kathryn at Dream a Little Dream for her great post yesterday, and be sure to check out Dwell Deep who will be posting on Monday.

It’s been pretty interesting to think about what inspires me in life and in my art. There are like a million things, but here are the top(ish) ones.

1. When I travel to a foreign country, I head straight for the grocery store.

IMG_8083Fresh beer bar in Hanoi, Vietnam

If I had unlimited money there is no doubt that I would travel all. the. time.

guard hut at interview siteGuard hut at Tham Hin refugee camp in Thailand

I’m not so much into typical sightseeing when traveling, but am more interested in experiencing how people in other places live. Typical travels will always include rambling in residential neighborhoods, grocery shopping (in supermarkets and fresh markets both) and plopping down in local restaurants where no one speaks English.


The Fancy Lifter game at an arcade in Tokyo. Yeah, I can’t explain it more than that.

Traveling is inspiring to me not only because of the visual excitement, but also because it forces you to live in the moment and pay attention to the details in the world around you.

IMG_8082cool tile pattern

sidewalks in Hanoi, Vietnam

street art, hanoi

street art in Hanoi and jamon iberico in Barcelona


Sidewalk in Mae Hong Son, Thailand and detail of a shrine in Hanoi


puppy and Singha. together at last


Art at Buddhist temple coffee house in Mae Hong Son, Thailand. Close up of tiles at Buddhist temple in Bangkok.

2. Eating food makes me want to draw, and drawing food makes me want to eat.

IMG_7539IMG_0149 IMG_0294-1IMG_7659 IMG_7352 mangosteen valentine copy
L to R, T to B: Roadside gai yang in Thailand, Dungeness crab and cardoon salad at Commis in Oakland, cheese plate in Rome, mango and sticky rice in Thailand, Mangosteens and a Mangosteen valentine.

As my daily drawing project MEAT SECTIONS probably indicates, food is clearly an inspiration.

01.14.10 color cow3editsmaller copy


some daily drawings from my blog MEAT SECTIONS

And drinks too. (They can also, can help with the creative process)

02.13.10 02.21.10

Illustrations of a beer from The Bruery and a cocktail from The Alembic

I also love food packaging. One of our kitchen walls displays a bunch of food packaging (mostly from the aforementioned foreign grocery stores)

They are an excellent source for color palettes too.

02.09.10 yunnan ethical copy

3. People saying “f*** it all” and doing what they love


Screenshot from Michel Gondry’s “Science of Sleep”, via We Heart It

There is nothing more inspiring than someone basically saying “fuck it all” and doing what they love, even if it is a huge risk. In fact, the bigger risk, the better.

Stories of people learning what they love and then actually doing it, like the people interviewed in Po Bronson’s “What Should I Do with My Life?” are so exciting. I’m not a big life-lesson-touchy-feely-person but this life is all we know we have in the world and well, I’d like to make the most of it. There is so much planning and caution in most people’s lives that it is invigorating and often necessary to take a leap and do something outside of that plan. I feel like I did this when I quit my government attorney job last year. My husband is naturally one of these “necessary risk taker” types and has inspired me to be more so. (We even included this concept in our wedding vows…)

NMH copy

cover art for Neutral Milk Hotel

Creative people who have chosen a life they want to lead, and are flourishing in their chosen paths are just endlessly inspiring. And the weirder and more wildly creative they are, the better. (See filmmakers like Wes Anderson and Michel Gondry, musicians like Neutral Milk Hotel, Sunset Rubdown, and Owen Pallet, and chefs like Grant Achatz, Anthony Mangieri, and Peter Chang).*


view of San Francisco from Sausalito ferry

And finally, the natural beauty and incredible creativity present in this city is a constant inspiration to do more, and do it well.


Pizzeria Delfina, one of my favorite places in the city.

As much as I love traveling, this is now my home.

My feet, my street.

Thanks so much for stopping on by, and be sure to check out Dwell Deep on Monday!

*I also have a soft spot for former lawyers who went on a different path, like the Zagats (of the Zagat guide), Matisse, and Kandinsky.

All photos are from me, unless otherwise indicated

super pig!

print available!

I really liked today’s MEAT SECTIONS illustration, so thought I would post it over here too. You can check out MEAT SECTIONS to see the whole post. You know, if you want to.