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Bring on the Christmas Cookies! Drywell Art is on Holiday Break!

Drywell Art Christmas Tree Abominable

The packages are all out to the post office and on the way to happy food and booze lovers world-wide! While you can still place orders, any orders placed in my shop or on Etsy from now until January 4th will not ship until after January 5th.

Thank you again to everyone who finds a little joy in the silly drawings I make. Happiest of holidays to you all!  Bring it on, 2016!

Bring on the nog.

This little piggie is an ornament. Also, there’s a potato.

Whew! I handed off the last of the packages to my understanding and patient mail carrier this afternoon, and with that, Drywell Art is officially on vacation. Rosé champagne was had by all! Oh wait. That was just me.

Seriously people, thank you so so much for your support of this crazy little business. It’s so exciting for me to think of all the folks getting funny meat or booze art on Christmas morning! Thanks to everyone whose decorated their kitchen with my art, worn it proudly on their chest, or had it permanently inked on their skin.

Big things to come from Drywell Art in the new year, for sure. Hammy holidays, everyone!

Handmade Holidays at Renegade!

Last chance, San Francisco. This weekend I will be manning my meat art table with my trusty partner Steve, and over 250 other amazing vendors. Seriously, one-stop shopping for the holidays. We’re front and center (well, slightly left of center). I’ll have all my remaining original meat art from the Beer, Bourbon, and BBQ show. Hope to see you there!



Holidaze for worker elves

Tomorrow, will you be stuck in your office all day, with only a lunch break? Or maybe you’re playing hooky and shopping in Union Square?

Either way, you should stop by the La Cocina Gift Bazaar. This is the 4th year for the food incubator’s holiday gift show, and the first time it is taking place at Crocker Galleria, conveniently located at the Montgomery BART/MUNI stop. It was a great show last year, and if you have any food-lovers on your Christmas or Hannukah list, this is your one stop shop. Say hi!



Gather ye around the meat tree …

There’s still time to save on presents for your art, booze, or meat loving friends and family.

If you’re on my newsletter (and you should be) you got notice this morning that we’re having  one day sale at Drywell Art. Check out my snazzy new shop and enter code CYBERMEATDAY to save 20% on your order.  And the aforementioned snazzy new shop also contains brand new prints from my Beer, Bourbon, and BBQ show!


happy turkey day!

hand turkey butchery original illustration

Just wanted to stop in and wish everyone a happy thanksgiving!

I’m busy busy busy prepping for the holidays, and am reflecting on how unbelievably thankful I am to be able to do be creative every day. Thanks to everyone who has supported me by brainstorming, saying kind words, or buying my art and bringing it to your home. It means a lot. A lot of awesome.


To express this gratitude (and because I was raised to have an acute appreciate of a sale) I decided to have a little Black Friday to Cyber Monday sale in my shop.

Just enter the code “SEASONSMEATINGS” to get 20% everything in the shop. Nice, right?

AND, I just spent some serious time getting a newsletter set up. Check out my winter newsletter here to get up to date on all the new goodies I’m making for the holidays, and details on my four (!!!!) holiday shows). If you’d like to receive these newsletters in the future, just sign up in the nifty little widget on the right sidebar of this page.

glimpses of holiday merriment and presents

L to R, top to bottom: row 1: frisee salad for xmas #1 at home, showing off the 4505 Meats poster, Denver airport with snow, BOOM Xmas wrapping paper. Row 2: Marc Johns print for steve, dungeness crab and cardoon appetizer at Commis, portugese sugar bowl and fancy christmas tea from my mom. Row 3: paper mache daruma I made for steve, super swank chocolate from NOKA, homemade salted caramel and coconut macarons, made with friend Sara, presents under the tree, Steve suspiciously eyeing the piment d’espelette present. Row 4: gift wrapping, made with thai masking tape, more hand-drawn(NOT foot-drawn) wrapping paper, slow poached egg, onion, and malt amuse at Commis, decoration at mom’s house, McSweeney’s Panorama, friends Pete and Kimra at Commis, and our Xmas #1 feast, featuring smuggled jambon iberico.

Reluctantly back from over two weeks of celebrating both here (xmas #1) and in Dallas with my family (xmas #2). And xmas #3 is this weekend with Steve’s fam a little further south. Lots of relaxing, crafting, eating, cooking, and times spent with friends and family.

Seriously great presents this year! I always feel like I’m probably difficult to shop for, because I rarely want more stuff (part of years of constant moving in my adult life, mostly to small apartment) and can be kind of picky. But my gentleman friend, my parents, and friends did a great job.

Highlights included a super cool chicharrones poster from 4505 meats*, this beautiful necklace from etsy seller Lauren Haupt (Local Library on etsy), McSweeney’s Panorama**, simple office supplies from Muji, and 5 bottles of Texas Pete’s hot sauce.

I have never had this in Texas, despite growing up there. First time was two years ago while on a government training base in Georgia. It has great flavor, not much heat, and damn it goes well with greens.I was clearly, very excited about this one:

My parents also came through mainly with Ad Hoc at Home and a new, and much need ipod. Not only was my mom able to get the Ad Hoc book before it sold out, she stood in line for HOURS to get it SIGNED by Thomas Keller! Great mom, right?

Until now, I’ve been proudly rocking a 3G ipod. As in 3rd generation. As in 10 gigs of 2003-era awesomeness. It has served me proudly and well, but the last few months, it has been frequently losing its charge, so much so that sometimes it dies in the middle of a gym session. Which means I HAD to stop biking. So, welcome to my shiny, skinny, new 32 gig iPod.

You are beautiful, and useful, but you lack personality like my old boy. See:

I’m excited about the new year — lots of personal milestones for me and my family members to come. I’ll be posting some goals soon.

So far, my new daily drawing project – MEAT SECTIONS – has been keeping me busy. I think I’ll give a formal introduction in the next few days. In the meantime, check it out.

*though I can’t see the supposed lard thumbprint of Ryan Farr. Boo, I guess. The concept was kinda weird though, right? Seems like it would eat through the poster.

**Which, as it turns out, was actually purchased by our friend Pete, who graciously relinquished it to Steve so he could deliver it to me on xmas. Pete’s copy is on its way this month.Thanks Pete!

holiday ideas from 7X7

Now that Thanksgiving is out of the way, it’s real holiday time!

7X7 magazine recently came out with a list of some great holiday ideas for celebrating in San Francisco…or as they dubbed it, “The San Francisco Holiday Survival Guide.”

Here are some of my favs:

3. Stock up on See’s lollypops for stocking stuffers (not to mention the perfect cross- country–flight oral fixation) at Simply Gourmet, Terminal 1. [Love the butterscotch.]

8. The miniature hand-pies from Bike Basket Pies—in apple, apple-cheddar, pumpkin and pumpkin-pecan—are small enough to eat after you’ve sworn you can’t eat another bite.

10. Tartine’s bûche de Noël—a log look-alike made of chocolate chiffon cake and toasted-almond ganache, garnished with meringue mushrooms and pistachio “moss”—is a must. 600 Guerrero St., 415-487-2600,

11. Though you could drink the Tiger’s Milk No. 11 any time of year, this concoction of Spanish brandy, rum, sugar, cream and nutmeg seems perfectly appropriate for a rainy night. At Heaven’s Dog, 1148 Mission St., 415-863-6008,

13. If the idea of combining calvados, amaro, apple butter and lemon strikes you as delicious, sample the Apple Bottoms Up, Hot Buttercup. At Conduit, 280 Valencia St.,

14. Heat up with a Fog Lifter (brandy, amaretto and coffee, topped with whipped cream) to help you shake the winter chill. At Range, 842 Valencia St., 415-282-8283,

17. Ton Kiang/Four Star Theatre
Dim sum first (don’t miss the delicate egg custard tarts), followed by a matinee—this is the gift you give yourself. Four Star Theatre, 2200 Clement St., 415-666-3488,; 5821 Geary Blvd., 415-752-4440,

19. Xiao Loong/Empire Theatre
Go to Xiao Loong for the soup dumplings and the Empire for the holiday matinees—tickets are only $7.75 before 2 p.m. Empire Theatre, 85 West Portal Ave., 415-661-2539, cinemark
; Xiao Loong, 250 W. Portal Ave., 415-753-5678,

21. Tom Taylor and Jerry Goldstein’s home, located up one of the steepest streets in the Castro, is decorated to the kitsch hilt—make the pilgrimage once, and it will become a family tradition. 3650 21st St.

22. Take the guesswork out of everything with Lights of the Valley. This Web site catalogs the best and brightest throughout the Bay area—complete with a Google map—beginning Nov. 27.

23. If you’re going to do the tree-lighting thing, go old-school: At Macy’s in Union Square on the evening of Nov. 27 (the day after Thanksgiving), artisans’ wares and free entertainment will keep you amused until the 85-foot tree lights up.

25. For a ritual that’s literally “only in San Francisco,” watch 17,000 bulbs light up the four iconic skyscrapers of Embarcadero Center on Nov. 21, preceded by a winter carnival and ice-skating at the Embarcadero Ice Rink.

26. Proceeds from the sale of trees at the Guardsmen Lot at Fort Mason’s Festival Pavilion benefit at-risk youth, and they have bouncy houses for the kids and will deliver your tree. 415-771-7747,

28. Cliff’s Variety has it all—fake trees, tinsel trees, lights, ornaments and scores of last-minute stocking stuffers. 479 Castro St., 415-431-5365,

29. Go guilt-free this year by purchasing a “Christmas tree” from Friends of the Urban Forest and SF Environment. Choose a non-traditional variety (we’re partial to the small-leaf tristania), enjoy it during the season, then give it back to be planted on an SF city block.

31. Hip little Heartfelt in Bernal Heights has every stocking stuffer you never knew your friends needed (Japanese erasers? Vintage dish towels? Kids’ bath toys?). Wrapping is artful and free. 436 Cortland Ave., 415-648-1380,

32. Local website Foodzie is your go-to site for foodie gifts. Artisanal edibles include Rick’s Picks pickled beets, Oakvale Farmstead Gouda and organic Whoopie Pies from
Little Laura’s Sweets.

39. Just when you’ve begun to weary of holiday shopping, the Bazaar Bizarre comes to town, with its cool-kid collection of hand-crafted wares. Dec. 12–13, County Fair Building at Golden Gate Park, *

43. There’s no better deal than renting a house through VRBO. Where else can you find an old, four-bedroom farmhouse in Bernal Heights for $400 a night, or a Noe Valley Victorian big enough for all the visiting relatives?

49. Hike the seven-mile Dipsea Trail—one way. Have your good friends pick you up in Stinson Beach and then down a round of beers.

50. Get a little culture in with your exercise for one of dozens of architectural walking tours with SF City Guides.

* There’s also the Etsy Handmade Ho-down on December 3rd, Drinking and handmade gift shopping? Count me in.