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Drywell Art … now in 3D

uncommon goods drywell header


Yep, you can now get your favorite Drywell Art cocktail diagram in real life, 3D, in the form of a cocktail glass. For the past year or so, I’ve been collaborating with the fantastic online purveyor of handmade goods, Uncommon Goods, to produce cool ass cocktail glasses with my cocktail diagrams printed right on them! You can get Bloody Mary, Margarita, Gin & Tonic, Vodka Tonic, Hot Toddy, or Mimosa glasses exclusively through Uncommon Goods. Just be careful using the illustrations as an exact pour line. You might end up drunk.




drywell_margarita_drywell drywell_mimosa_glasses drywell_vodkatonic_glasses


Holiday Order Deadlines! 2015 Edition

Wow, the holidays really snuck up on us over here at Drywell HQ! Make sure you get your foodie, boozy art in time for Christmas, by ordering in time!



Holiday 2014 Order Deadlines

Make sure you get your prints, towels, and posters from Drywell Art in time for the holidays!



Everything I Ate in Istanbul

In May, I went on a trip to Istanbul with my folks. I ate a lot. And then I illustrated it.

turkish foods in istanbul illustrated

turkish foods in istanbul illustrated


turkish foods in istanbul illustrated

turkish foods in istanbul illustrated


Negroni Week is almost over!

negroni shoot

Sponsored by Imbibe Magazine and Campari, Negroni Week is an opportunity to drink for a cause. Participating bars donate $1 of each Negroni sold during that week to a charity of their choice. The amazing staff of Imbibe, who happen to be big fans of my Negroni diagram, reached out to me, and I am so psyched to be the only non-bar, non-restaurant to participate this year!

For every Negroni print ordered between June 2 and June 8, I will donate $2 to The Food Pantry in San Francisco. I’ll also donate $1 for any other print ordered from June 2 – 8. So, order up and help a great cause! Check out the Negroni Week website for a list of bars in your area that are participating as well.

And if you are REALLY into Negronis, you can make your love permanent.


Guess Who’s Back?

Bar towels! These sold out SO. FAST. over the holidays, but now they are back in stock in the old shop. I’m using a different printer and towel this time, and I think the quality is even higher! Smooth, unbleached cotton towels, printed in the USA.

It’s the holidaze! Time for a sale.

Hope everyone had a lovely Thanksgiving and has had at least one pie breakfast. There is so much excitement here at Drywell HQ, partly because this is my favorite time of year, and partly because we have so many new arts a’brewing. Kind of literally.

To kick it off, enjoy 20% off your Drywell Art purchase in my shop from now — Small Business Saturday, until the end of Cyber Monday, December 2nd. ( I’m going to call Sunday “End of the Leftovers Sunday”, because I feel like it gets left out in the day-naming mayhem this time of year.)

Be sure to sign up for my newsletter here to get all the info on my upcoming shows and new art!

Hide the pork.


Hello from Penang, Malaysia! Where street food is omnipresent, nutmeg is a juice, and the butchers hide their pork. Yep.

As in many Southeast Asian countries, butchers hack up and proudly display their meats in local wet markets. You squeeze past them down the aisle, carcasses hanging inches away from you. Unlike most Southeast Asian countries, however, the pork butchers in Malaysia are hidden away, segregated from other vendors, in a porky ghetto. That’s because unlike most of Southeast Asia, Malaysia is a predominantly Muslim country. It is also a cultural mishmash of a country, more extreme than any other I’ve visited. So while there are Muslims throughout Malaysia (mostly Malay, South Indian, and Southern Thai), there are also huge populations of Chinese and other ethnic groups who, well, freaking love pork.

So walking through the wet markets, you immediately spot the lamb and beef butchers with their butcher blocks and cleavers, the chicken butchers with their cages full of live poultry waiting to meet their destiny, and the fishmongers, all with their meat proudly displayed inches from you. And no pork in sight.




Take a turn, pop over to another street, peer into a shophouse, and there it is. Delicious pink pork. In a spotlight of sunshine, but hidden away from the others.



For a more in-depth explanation and discussion of Islam, and pork, and markets, hop on over to Eating Asia.

Get your meaty, boozy art for the holidays, right here!

Wall of papercuts

Thank you to everyone who came out to my show opening and Pot + Pantry‘s 2nd anniversary party last Friday night! TONS of people showed up and chowed down on free Sneaky’s BBQ (my favorite in the city) and Double Robot Brewing beer (thanks Pete and Steve!). If you came and I missed you … it was because I was in the hospital with my pneumonia-ridden husband. Don’t worry; he’s well on his way to recovery now, and even had a beer last night.

Speaking of beer, the original pieces from “Beer, Bourbon, & BBQ” are still up at Pot + Pantry and available for purchase until December 8th. Every year around the holidays, I get tons of requests for original pieces, so I finally listened. These pieces are all framed or ready-to-hang, so they really are perfect for gift giving to the food and booze lovers out there.

Look out for some posts here in the next 2 weeks with peeks of the art, or just head down to Pot + Pantry and check them out in person! And if you’d like to see some of the process pics behind these pieces, check out some of my Instagram pics here.

"Beer Me" papercut. Custom float-framed in shadowbox. Available. $250

Each of the papercuts is cut by hand with an X-Acto knife from archival black paper. I then nearly had a nervous-breakdown float mounting them between two panes of glass. The piece is finished with a custom made shadow box behind. The floating effect is pretty amazing, and because of the offset shadow box, the pieces cast really rad shadows throughout the day. Check out Donna’s Instgram pic here for an example. Oh, and they are each topped off with a UV pane of glass, so no fading folks!

There are also six 8.5 x 11 original watercolors, all matted up and framed in 11x 14 black frames. Awesome, right? yes.

"Beer + Pretzel = Yes" Framed 8.5 x 11 original watercolor. $175


"Bourbon + Empty Glass" 8.5 x 11 watercolor, matted, in 11 x 14 frame. $175

wash down that BBQ …. with clean water.

Hey folks! Consider this a refreshing commercial break in the booze and bbq onslaught….

Wait. That doesn’t look refreshing at all.

As many of you know, this summer, I attended the very humble-sounding World Domination Summit in Portland, Oregon. (My post is here) Among the many amazing speakers was Scott Harrison, founder of Charity:Water. You many have already heard of Charity:Water, and the amazing strides they have taken to fulfill their mission of providing clean drinking water to communities around the world. What is so impressive about them to me is how they have found a way to make the issue of clean drinking water salient and personal. I mean, check out this ad they did with Jennifer Connelly.


From someone formerly in the public interest field, another incredibly important point for me is that they keep their programs and operations funds entirely separate. What does that mean? Every donation you make ONLY goes towards their programs … not for their salaries, not for holiday parties, and not for office rent. Only to the water programs. If you know anything about the non-profit world, you know how rare and important that is.

And there’s always the questions of accountability … how can you tell what progress they’ve made?

They’ve simply made it all public, via Google Maps, where you can see the completed water projects, here. Pretty amazing, right?

This weekend, I’ll be attending yet another conference, Camp Mighty. Part of the goal of the conference is to raise $20,000 for Charity:Water … before the conference even starts … by harnessing the power of the bloggers and creatives attending the conference.

I know there are many other worthy causes in need of assistance right now, but if you have anything to spare, I’d greatly appreciate a donation to Charity:Water in my name.

Where will your money go, you ask? Let me tell you:

Donations are tax deductible, and you can just include my name on the donation page. Any amount helps. You can use a credit card- it’s really easy and fast!

Just click here:

Let me know if you have any other questions, and I really appreciate anything at all you can give!