Some people really like my stuff….

“From a flesh-obsessed San Franciscan who quit her job as a hot-shot government lawyer in favor of full-time artistry, Drywell Art offers up hand-drawn butchery-style diagrams of meats both real (pig/cow) and optimistically awesome (Twitter’s Fail Whale), all of which’re available as 13X19 posters or miniature prints…”     Thrillist San Francisco

Meat is only the beginning for an artist who joyfully reimagines the innards of artichokes, ice cream cones, and even ghosts” – The Atlantic

“The [Padrecito] bartenders are adept at the classics, but what I found particularly innovative is the illustrated cocktail list with a dozen cocktails. The illustration shows the type of glass the drink will be served in and the proportion of each ingredient, so you know how sweet or boozy the cocktail will be.” Michael Bauer, food critic for San Francisco Chronicle

“These simple – clever – vivid – fantastic watercolor & ink pieces make me want to giggle. a lot. and i don’t think it’s the 3 hours of sleep in 48 hours thing… although it could be. doubtful…... ”  Tara Gentile on Scoutie Girl Blog

“From a former immigration lawyer who, despite zero formal art training, got ‘her balls out of her purse’ and started making watercolor/ink/charcoal prints inspired by butcher diagrams, Drywell attempts to identify the ‘meat-analogous sub-components of everyday life,’ though everyday life would suck if your sub components were only ‘meat-analagous.'”   Thrillist, New York

“What are the different parts of a fat sheep? The Twitter bird? A hot dog? Domokun? Artist Alyson Thomas shows you the way at her blog Meat Sections where she shares original butchery-style art, mostly pig-shaped, sometimes inedible, and always fun….”     Serious Eats

“I’m just kind of riding this meat train for a while.”   Alyson Thomas, in the San Francisco Chronicle


Other people too…..

Drywell has also been featured in the San Francisco Chronicle, A Hamburger Today, Slice: A Pizza Blog, Kaboodle, Design Evolution, Tejal Rao, Gastronomista, Design Skool, Food Diggity, East Side Bride, & Unnecessary Umlaut, among others.

In May 2011, Alyson held her first solo art show, “Meat Market” at Pot + Pantry,  a new and vintage kitchenware shop in San Francisco.

Food(ography), on The Cooking Channel, featured a charcoal pork butchery diagram by Drywell Art on their Pork Episode in October 2010.

Drywell Art was also nominated by 7×7 Magazine as one of the best local Etsy shops in San Francisco.

Drywell Art has also been a vendor at Renegade Holiday Craft Show in San Francisco 2010, Bazaar Bizarre Holiday San Francisco 2010, as well as numerous IndieMarts in San Francisco.


Pretty awesome, right?