Drywell Art is the arty creation of me, Alyson Thomas. I was raised in suburban Texas and escaped to California as soon as I possibly could. As a child, I was obsessively creative because I had no one to play with. I am authorized to add "Esq." to the end of my name, but I choose not to, despite the fanciness it would certainly lend. In 2009, I quit my job as an attorney to pursue an art career, despite my lack of formal art training. It was a kind of crazy (awesome) decision.

Basically, I just draw things that make me laugh. I make simple, vivid, and occasionally clever watercolor & ink illustrations of food, butchery, things that are the worst, and a despondent and disaffected yellow block (you can call him "Blocky," because, well, that's his name). Also, I try to figure out the meat-analogous sub-components of everything I see. Then I figure out how to turn that into art.  My 2010 daily art project - MEAT SECTIONS - was a ham-fisted (ahem...) attempt to humorously combine two of my passions - food and art. I might be a genius. Probably not.

I love doing custom work, whether for your home or business. I have created artwork for The Bruery, Lost Abbey Brewing, Il Cane Rosso pizzeria in Dallas, TX, and Williams Sonoma, among others.

Right now, I’m just kind of riding this meat train for awhile.